Grindaix nozzles as a special design

Product Advantages
  • Reduction of grinding burn risk
  • Reduction in the cycle time / increase in productivity
  • Longer tool life
  • Adjustment and control of the lubricoolant exit speed
  • Reduction of residues in the machining zone
  • Lower lubricoolant requirement
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Your nozzle specialists from the Grindaix team have longstanding experience and are thus highly familiar with the challenges presented by grinding. During more than 7000 machine optimizations, we have already successfully proven the benefits which our Grindaix nozzles bring. 

As an experienced engineering service provider, we can plan, design and produce individual lubricoolant nozzles – developed to suit your production situation perfectly. Through this individual development and design we can offer you a whole range of benefits:

+Reduction of grinding burn risk
+Reduction in the cycle time / increase in productivity
+Longer tool life
+Adjustment and control of the lubricoolant exit speed
+Reduction of residues in the machining zone
+Lower lubricoolant requirement

Our Grindaix needle nozzles are a particularly time-tested, established product. They enable precisely metered, targeted supply to the machining zone. To ensure that you can exploit all the advantages of our needle nozzles, we precisely adapt these to your CNC grinding machine and to your multiple-stage grinding process (roughing, finishing, fine finishing) – pressure-controlled with different lubricoolant supply scenarios. We also adapt the nozzles to the part to be produced for ensuring a collision-free process.

By generating or using a CAD-STEP file, we can consider all geometrical characteristics such as grinding wheels, interfaces to the machine nozzle holders, as well as the travel of your geometrically varied parts. This special engineering service is included in the nozzle price.

We supply all our Grindaix nozzles with a precise Grindaix nozzle characteristic curve. This provides you with exact information on which pressure is needed for obtaining which lubricoolant exit speed as well as how much volume flow is thereby required. This supports you in designing your pressure supply.

The precise coordination of all these important aspects promises an optimum machining result. Furthermore, your productivity increases and your production scrap rate decreases!

Questionnaire for Nozzle Design pdf 3.975 KB download

Examples of special design coolant nozzles

Grinding turbine blades

Itemnumber.: ND-SK-

Grindaix-Düse für eine optimale Kühlschmierstoff-Versorgung beim Fertigungen von Turbinenbauteilen.

Product advantages:

  • The entire contact point is supplied with lubricoolant in a needs-based way
  • Reduction of grinding burn and tool wear
  • Optimized lubricoolant exit angle
  • Low space requirement
  • Easy assembly

Example of a Grindaix nozzle which supplies various grinding wheels with lubricoolant at the same time. The nozzle supplies the contact areas with lubricoolant in an optimized way, i.e. at the right angle and with the required lubricoolant volume. In addition, the use of needle nozzles increases the lubricoolant exit speed considerably, so that the risk of grinding burn is reduced.

Grinding between centres

Itemnumber.: ND-SK-

Product advantages:

With our Grindaix nozzle for grinding between centres, we have developed an efficient and space-saving solution for the lubricoolant supply of your grinding process. Despite the optimum supply of the lubricoolant directly into the grinding gap, automatic loading is achieved without collision.  Furthermore, the nozzle is equipped with a quick-change system, enabling fast and flexible adjustment to the grinding wheel geometry.

Accessories for Grindaix Coolant Nozzles:

Coolant Protectors


Air baffle

Pressure sensors

Distribution blocks

Machine mounts

Coolant Pointer

Coolant Display

Coolant Controller

Quick changing systems

Flexible coolant tube "gflex"