Grindaix nozzles for (bed) flushing

Product Advantages
  • Nozzles Prevention of chip deposits in the machine bed
  • Considerable cleaning effect with low lubricoolant volume
  • Angles and corners are flushed clean
  • Reduction in manual cleaning work
  • Easy assembly

During operation of a machine tool, chip residues collect in the machine bed. These often need to be removed laboriously by hand, as in the worst case these deposits can even lead to machine failure. Furthermore, due to altered lubricoolant flow conditions in the machine bed, the thermal growth of the machine is impaired and production errors result. 

Cleaning with lubricoolant is one way of preventing undesired chip deposits in the machine bed as well as on measuring probes, covers and steady rests.

However, completely unsuitable solutions are often used for machine bed flushing, such as clamped pipe ends which are adjusted via a plastic ball valve. The correct orientation of the lubricoolant exits likewise has a decisive effect, as the wrong positioning and dimension mean that not all areas are flushed reliably. Overall this leads to unnecessarily high lubricoolant consumption with inadequate cleaning performance in most cases. High costs for an unreliable flushing process are the result, as every litre of lubricoolant which is consumed must be cooled and and cleaned, and this costs you money – caused by badly designed machine bed flushing!
Our experienced nozzle specialists have developed Grindaix nozzles to design the flushing of your machine tool efficiently and effectively.

Flushing nozzles from Grindaix are characterized by their outstanding cleaning performance and minimal lubricoolant consumption. We can optimize your machine bed flushing system by means of channel flushers designed as a slotted nozzle, or by means of a rotating corner flusher. Our nozzle solutions for flushing applications are, of course, customized to your particular application. We supply flushing nozzles in all required widths.

Grindaix nozzles are robust and durable, as they are made exclusively from high-quality, wear-resistant materials. To exploit the full savings potential of our Grindaix cleaning nozzles, we recommend using machine bed flushing only when the machine is not in operation.

Coolant Supply Systems for Bed Flushing pdf 224 KB download

Examples of coolant nozzles for bed flushing

Channel flusher/slotted nozzle

Itemnumber.: LD-

Grindaix-Düse als Rinnenspüler in der Bettspülung.

Product advantages:

  • Slot width: freely selectable
  • Slot height: 1.5 mm
  • Low lubricoolant consumption
  • Optimum cleaning results
  • Less maintenance work
  • Easy assembly

The Grindaix slotted nozzles are excellent for designing the lubricoolant flow in the machine beds. An optimum lubricoolant flow prevents deposits in the machine bed and this reduces manual cleaning work. The lubricoolant requirement per slotted nozzle is low: For example, approx. 35 l of lubricoolant flow per minute through a 20 mm slotted nozzle at a pressure of approx. 3 bar. The Grindaix slotted nozzles are available in different widths. For safe and targeted mounting and positioning of the slotted nozzles we recommend our articulated metal tube system "gFlex".
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Accessories for Grindaix Coolant Nozzles:

Coolant Protectors


Air baffle

Pressure sensors

Distribution blocks

Machine mounts

Coolant Pointer

Coolant Display

Coolant Controller

Quick changing systems

Flexible coolant tube "gflex"