Grindaix nozzles with 3D printing

Product Advantages
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Optimum functional adjustment to your grinding task
  • Flow-optimized lubricoolant flow through the nozzle
  • Targeted lubricoolant supply to the machining site
  • Highly robust
  • Suitable for very confined spaces
  • Available in many supply widths
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To extensively customize a nozzle to your particular grinding task, the Grindaix team employs 3D printing during nozzle manufacture. However, we only recommend the use of 3D-printed nozzles where this really makes sense. It is not generally the case that innovative 3D printing can be used meaningfully across the entire range of mechanical parts. That said, the undisputed advantages of this process lie in the production-independent, geometrical freedom, which allows the generation of far more complex geometries than is possible with conventional manufacturing operations. This enables the production of nozzles which sufficiently supply sites in the machining process that could not be reached using lubricoolant nozzles produced by conventional means.

Both geometrical restrictions (e.g. assembly space, collisions, etc.) as well as functional drawbacks (e.g. pipe friction losses) can be circumvented with 3D printing. Where it makes sense we can produce your future Grindaix nozzles using state-of-the-art 3D printing processes. We can carry this out quickly and free of all restrictions posed by conventional production processes – with perfect customization to your particular grinding tasks. To produce your nozzles, we use plastics as well as stainless steel and titanium alloys.

The challenges of producing Grindaix nozzles using 3D printing lie in the choice of laser sintering process parameters, the general material selection and composition as well as in maintaining a consistent metal powder granularity. Furthermore, process control is of great importance in terms of layer thicknesses, sintered densities and the associated surface qualities which can be achieved on the external and internal surfaces. This determines the scope of subsequent reworking following the actual printing process. All necessary steps must be combined attractively from a cost standpoint and result in a significant user benefit – in other words, maximum operational cost effectiveness. Grindaix cooperates with 3D printing professionals!

Examples of 3D-printed coolant nozzles

Surface profile grinding

Itemnumber.: ND-SK-

Grindaix-Düse für eine optimale Kühlschmierstoff-Versorgung beim Fertigungsverfahren Flachprofilschleifen ausgeführt als 3D-Druck-Düse.

Product advantages:

Our Grindaix flat-spray nozzle as a 3D-printed design enables reliable and targeted lubricoolant supply wherever flat-spray nozzles produced by conventional processes cannot be used. Thanks to the design advantages of 3D printing, we have managed to further improve the flow dynamics within the nozzle. As with all our nozzles, you also receive a characteristic curve with our 3D-printed types.

Further information may be obtained from our product video:

Internal cylindrical grinding

Itemnumber.: ND-SK-

Grindaix-Düse für eine optimale Kühlschmierstoff-Versorgung beim Fertigungsverfahren Innenrundschleifen ausgeführt als 3D-Druck-Düse.

Product advantages:

  • Optimum for internal cylindrical grinding processes
  • May be used in highly confined assembly spaces
  • verwendbar in engsten Bauräumen
  • Targeted lubricoolant supply
  • May be combined with the articulated metal tube "gFlex"
  • Available in all supply widths
  • Available in two evolution stages

For the optimum supply of internal cylindrical grinding processes, we have added a 3D-printed nozzle to our product portfolio to complement our nozzle solutions manufactured by conventional processes. Among a number of improvements made, the fluidic design of the nozzles has been enhanced. Under appropriately complex conditions, we recommend the use of a Grindaix 3D nozzle for internal cylindrical grinding, developed especially for your grinding application.

Accessories for Grindaix Coolant Nozzles:

Coolant Protectors


Air baffle

Pressure sensors

Distribution blocks

Machine mounts

Coolant Pointer

Coolant Display

Coolant Controller

Quick changing systems

Flexible coolant tube "gflex"