Coolant Condition Guard - Comprehensive data collection for lubricoolant supply

Product Advantages
    • Monitoring and documenting process parameters
    • Ability to analyse changes undertaken in the lubricoolant system
    • Simple detection of lubricoolant system parameters which have been changed unintentionally
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Our Coolant Data Logger is your easy-to-implement assistant for monitoring all relevant lubricoolant data in your machine tool! On seven analogue and two digital signal value inputs, the data logger records all lubricoolant data on its internal memory, which can be up to 4GB in size. Via USB or WLAN, the recorded data can be read out and then evaluated. In spite of its comprehensive range of functions, the Data Logger is suitable as a rail-mounted device for your control cabinet and can be installed there with minimum space requirements.

The ability to analyse your lubricoolant data holds a number of benefits for you:

  • Seamless monitoring and documentation of relevant process parameters.
  • Ability to analyse changes undertaken in the lubricoolant system.
  • Reproducibility of lubricoolant supply and lubricoolant operating conditions
  • Analysis capability when grinding burn or other damage occurs.
  • Simple detection of lubricoolant system parameters which have been changed unintentionally

The Coolant Data Logger can record and document measurement values from the lubricoolant system according to your needs. You define the most important measurement values and connect the relevant Grindaix sensors to the Coolant Data Logger.

Currently, the following lubricoolant measurement values may be recorded:

  • Pressure [bar]
  • Temperature [°C]
  • pH value
  • Conductance [S] [biological attack of emulsions]
  • Emulsion concentration [%]
  • Volume flow [l/min]

The Data Coolant Logger works autonomously and does not explicitly influence existing lubricoolant systems. (We offer influencing systems as closed loop control for avoiding grinding burn.)

Type:Rail-mounted device for 35 mm top-hat rail, IP20
Dimensions (WxHxD):45 x 114,5 x 99 mm
Material:Polyamide/light grey
Supply voltage:24V (DC), 100mA (without sensors)
Analog inputs:
0(4) .. 20 mA:4 channels: e.g. pressure, temperature, flow velocity
0 .. 10 V:2 channels: e.g. differential pressure, conductance, etc.
PT100:1 channel, 4-wire connection, 1 x temperature sensor
Digital inputs:
max. 24 V (DC):2 channels, 24V (DC), electrically isolated
Digital outputs: 
max. 24 V (DC):2 channels, each potential-free, 500mA
Serial communication:RS232 / RS485,
USB 2.0:ext. data carrier
Wireless:Bluetooth LE, WLAN (2.4 GHz / 5GHz)
Scope of supply:Grindaix Data Logger
 including documentation, configuration tool